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Why work with me:

I have been backpacking long before the whole boom of ‘backpackers’ began. For the past 8 years, I have connected with local people in over 80 countries. This gives quite the perspective towards cultural nuances and gauging people across different cultures in the world. Having made the purpose of my life to actively participate in communities that interest me, my biggest strength has been direct connect and impact.

The Fourth Language Festival that I organise brings together youth from all over the country. The volunteers are from other parts of the world. This gives me good solid connect with the youth, universities and colleges where I am invited to inspire and interact with them. In today’s time, the youth drive trends. They have the power to make brands and people famous. Over 80% of my reach is in the age group of 18 to 35 years. Additionally, conducting festivals and talks in colleges and universities all around the world have kept me connected with youth.

Additionally, I also conduct events and trips. My group is invariable a mix of people from all over the world. And considering that the people chosen for the trips are like-minded individuals, the reach is organic.


Partnerships/ have worked with:

My dynamic skill set and curiosity to learn new things, has led to me working or partnering with people pan industry.

  • Setting up, and marketing (incubation) hostels – Orchard House, The Bunker Hostel
  • Setting up, managing, and promotion of properties – Saraya Ecostay, The Living Room
  • Promoting and managing restaurant (and cooking!) – Mother’s Grace
  • Organising and managing festivals and workshops – Euroweek (European Commission affiliate)
  • Promotion of Fashion brand – SnP, Divadasi
  • Partnering in trips – Addventures Unlimited, Sahara Campsites
  • Managing events and artists – ArtKonnect, IPL, Ben10


How you can work with me:

Organise events and trips – I can create customized trips and events for a group of people. Having conducted trips across the world for the last 5 years, I assure the backpacking or hiking or volunteering experience would be unlike ever before – complete with local connect, offbeat locations and backpacker-style travel.

Contest and giveaways – Working a lot with youth, be it through events or workshops, I make it a point to give customized and special ‘gifts’ through contests or just a thank you. Your products could be reaching the right young audience.

Conduct workshops – I have been invited to universities and colleges across the globe to share my experiences on learning from the world. My workshops are centred on self-learning, travel, gratitude and opening up one’s mind and perspectives. Let’s give the youth offbeat ideas and insights into ‘real learning’.

Write reviews for your products – My focus of backpacking is to experiment, explore new places, and look for the positive everywhere. I am critical and curious about the places I stay, travel to, the food I eat, and even the articles I use. And hence, my feedback is 100% genuine and honest. With a mix of positivity, the reviews are more constructive and a great value-addition.

Setup and promote your hostel, property, restaurants and such – I have spent most of my life in hostels, bnbs, and everywhere. And I tend to befriend people easily, develop a sense of ownership, and get involved in managing and promoting. I love to chat and smoothen out challenging situations with absolute ease. Setting up, managing, or promoting such spaces for me comes with loads of creativity (considering my artistic streak), and learning from past experiences. If I love a place, I definitely share extensively about it and recommend it though every channel possible! You get the best of me.

Promotion of brand – Being constantly on the road means you tend to meet people and they notice the things you use. I am also asked very frequently on my opinion of the products I use. Popularising a brand comes to me naturally considering my background in fashion.

Fashion designing – What one wears has the ability to influence their mood. If you have a special occasion, and you’re looking for that perfect attire to make it memorable, let me know. All the years of travel seem to have made me creative. And well, who doesn’t like to be comfortable, look charming or pretty!


And yes, apart from all these, if you have something interesting that I could learn and contribute towards, I am all aboard for newer learning experiences. All for free! I gift my abilities, in return for a fantastic learning experience!


Featured in:


  • Wion Traveller
  • Free Press Journal
  • Deccan Herald
  • Wykop Newspaper (Poland)
  • Hindustan Times Newspaper
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • Dainik Jagran
  • Navbharat Times




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