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20 Nov

Belgium – Land of fries, chocolates and beer!

An extremely tiny country by European standards, Belgium is a hidden gem. They have the right mix of art, culture, nature, and nightlife. Some basics – Belgium is divided into 3 parts – Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. Flanders is the Dutch (or rather Flemmish, a Dutch version) speaking region, Wallonia is French, and Brussels though supposed to be a mix, is primarily French. There is plenty to do in Belgium and is easy to access all other parts of EU. They are famous for their chocolates and beer – and...

18 Nov

Jobs that travel the world

A question that is always asked is 'how can I travel the world as I earn along the way' and if it is possible to do so. My answer is a loud 'yes!'. Though not the cosy office with fancy suits and coats, you have the luxury of fresh air, on a beach or a mountain, in another part of the world, making every day and penny you earn, count with experiences! Here's how I have learnt to earn my life of travel! If you've got any of these questions -...

23 Oct

10 best treks in India

Mountains in India are as diverse as the country itself. Right from lush green right to stark naked mountains, India has a crazy buffet of treks depending on the weather, difficulty and regions. The exciting part of the treks is the quaint villages and hamlets that you cross. With stunning views, gushing rivers cutting through mountains, connect with local people along the way, and hot meals to satiate the ever-hungry hiker; India is a haven for those who love to get lost in nature. When in India, these are offbeat trails...

23 Oct

Dhobi ghat – A lesson of harmony

This place has taken ‘washing your dirty laundry outside’ quite literally. In the fancy upscale bustling city of Mumbai, little does one notice the extensive open laundromat with thousands of dhobis (washers) making our lives cleaner. Close to the fancy Mahalaxmi Racecourse frequented by Mumbai elite, and flanked by tall skyscrapers, a typical day in Dhobi Ghat is, waking up, collecting clothes, washing, drying, washing, drying, and it goes on in a loop all day! Right from 1890, clothes and linen pour in all day from the fancy hotels and...

21 Oct

Top tips to be a vegetarian backpacker

Food is an integral part of travel. And for backpackers, trying out as local food as you can is a part of their life. However good or bad it looks, if it is a local cuisine, you’ve got to try it – be it traditional tacos in Mexico, steaming-hot street food in Southeast Asia, or a bowl of fresh spaghetti or pizza in Italy. But well, what if you don’t eat meat or fish or anything that kinda moves?! Though vegan food and vegetarianism are becoming popular across the world, many...

10 Aug

Top vegan and vegetarian-friendly countries

These countries ensure that being vegan or vegetarian isn’t a crime – they ensure you get options and even mouth-watering delicious local dishes that will surely make you fat! It is of course ideal to read up a bit about the local cuisine depending on the regions before-hand. Check out this list of seven vegan and vegetarian-friendly countries for backpackers.   India This has to be the first one on the list – and if you have visited India, you would surely vouch for it! This is the best place for vegans and...

15 Nov

A dream come true – my northern lights experience and tips

The Aurora Borealis, more popularly known as the northern lights can be seen in regions beyond the Arctic circle. There is of course a super cool scientific explanation to it - Google it! But what it is no understatement that it is a must see and experience in one's life! To watch the dance of the magical lights just can't be explained. The top spots to see them are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland...