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Inner peace with yoga vacation

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Everyone needs peace and joy each day, each moment. Well, people all over the world com to India to find such peace and joy. Yoga is known to be quite intense and well, definitely not a vacation. So first up, yoga doesn’t have to bend and break any bones. It is not painful. And it is not an exercise. It is quite a fantastic feeling for sure. Since that is clear, now when you mix the two words yoga and vacation – it has a welcoming ring to it!

Nestled in the foothills, and along side a calm lake, this yoga vacation is a wonderful way to say goodbye to the year gone by. Yoga is not just an exercise – it is a process of finding the right balance between one’s body and mind. We do not push the body or put it through any rigour. It is like a conversation between the mind and body – you work together. We learn the basic asanas, understand the meaning and purpose of each, learn to work with our breathing, and rekindling the energy within. A whole week of rejuvenation complete with basic food which nourishes the body with the yoga, silence all around, reading a book maybe in your free time, and feeling that calm within – it creates a very positive space to finally feel that joy within.

This journey is not just about yoga, it is about well-being. It is about some self-love, giving our body that break and respect it needs. Take that step to becoming healthy in the truer sense.


Details and dates to be out soon…

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    Inner peace with yoga vacation