Island-hopping in Indonesia

Backpacker's haven

Island-hopping in Indonesia

₹ 24800 per person

Indonesia is known for being backpacker’s haven and a must do. Indonesia, which is a group of islands is a mixture of Islamic culture predominant in the Java islands and Balinese culture in the rest. A complete mixture of majestic mountains and pristine beaches, Indonesia is quite obviously a hotspot for backpackers. And Bali especially! The people are quite laid back, it isn’t very expensive and well, there is so much to do, and you meet people from all over the world.

We kick it off at Kuta in Bali. We head to Changu and chilling on its beaches – well, you ought to start the trip true Balinese way. The next day we head off to the cultural capital of Bali, Ubud. It is a representation of true Balinese culture, art and crafts. You find traditional temples amidst lush green paddy fields and unbeatable natural beauty. We head off to the Lemukih huge swing over the fall, and the Tukad waterfall within a cave, and so many more hidden waterfalls! You gotta jump into the falls are every opportunity! You are in Bali after all! The food would make you crave for more and more. Lined with cafes offering different cuisines and just too yum, you would get healthy, vegan, vegetarian, seafood and sooooo much more – and keep in mind, they do love Dragon fruit. People end up living in Ubud for months together as you can practice western spirituality and Balinese traditions along with your own yoga if you like.

Hold your breath as we head off to the Gili Trawangan island next. Experiencing the public ferry that locals use, you have the best of both worlds – chatting up with the locals, clear water and the beautiful coastline. This is the party capital of Indonesia and is a fantastic place to do snorkeling and watch those turtles lazing around the beach. To head around the island, we have to walk to use bicycles. Interestingly, no motorized transport available there. Be prepared to enjoy the day and party right through the night with backpackers from all over the world.

Taking a step back from all the partying, our next stop is Nusa Penida. Complete with a beautiful beach and loads of waterfalls, this place is nothing like Gili. The thing about this part of Indonesia is, diving and snorkelling happens everywhere! You can take another round here at Nusa Penida if you are in love with it. There is so much to do in this island. We explore the Kelingking beach with azure water and the breathtaking view from the top after a steep climb up to the cliff. You wouldn’t want to leave Nusa Penida after chilling at Angel’s Billabong which is a rock pool just next to the Broken beach which has the perfect view of Angel’s Billabong through an arched tunnel in the cliffs. It is like a postcard jumped to life.

Taking off from Nusa Penida, next is Nusa Lembognan. Your adrenaline will surely rush with mad cliff jumping spots. You would definitely want to jump off that cliff – and that too happily! The Devil’s Tear with loads of tide pools is a sight to see. If you are lucky, we can see some turtles right there near the Devil’s Tear.

We couldn’t end the trip without some more partying. So as we head back to Kuta to wrap up, we party like we never have! So bring your awesome attitude and all the energy for some crazy fun!!! Don’t miss out on the madness in Indonesia!

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    Island-hopping in Indonesia
Itinerary/ Highlights
Being a backpacking trip, this is an idea of the places that we could head to - backpackers typically end up spending months in Indonesia. But this is going to be a quick one week getaway sneak-peak into all those awesome things to experience in Indonesia's backpacking hotspots.
  1. Kuta/ Changu (meeting)
  2. Ubud
  3. Gili Trawangan
  4. Nusa Penida
  5. Nusa Lembognan
  6. Kuta (for the crazy wrap-up party!)


  • Indonesia is one of the top destinations for its beaches. The clean sands and even clearer water feels like a postcard jumped to life.
  • Staying in backpacker hostels with people from all over the world - cos hostels are a very important part of backpacking!!! You make friends, have some fantastic laughter and share stories from each other's country and culture...
  • Adventure sports are a big deal all over Indonesia. You can try scuba diving, deep sea diving, cliff jumping and so much more.... Each water is going to be drawing you in each day! It is paradise if you love jumping into crystal clear water
  • Sunrise and sets along the beach is serene and peaceful. These are amazing places to sit back and relax, and breathe in the fresh air
  • The culture of Indonesia changes with every island. The people and the way of life is very very interesting - you get to swing from the cultural capital of Ubud which is so colourful, and to the laid-back beaches of Gili and Nusa...
  • Food is incredible in every place - Ubud is a haven for vegetarians. You can gorge on dragon fruit and so much healthy food. In other islands, the food is quite diverse and is unique to each place.
  • Hidden waterfalls and the shorelines are too beautiful - be it the swing at Ubud or the Kelingking or Billabong beach or cliff jumping - it's going to be madness each day!
  • Transport by the boats and ferries across the islands with the locals gives a chance to catch up with them about their lives


Start place and end place: Bali (Kuta)

How to get to Bali:

Bali is well connected internationally to all the major airports. However, it is always ideal to book in advance to get a good fare as August is the season when backpackers are all heading to Bali! Kuta is easily accessible from Bali airport. It is around 20 mins and you would get lots of taxis to Kuta from the airport.

Visa info:

Indians have visa on arrival to Indonesia. Other countries have their own specific life of visa requirements - kindly check.


  • Offbeat accommodation
  • Transportation between the islands and within
  • 5 breakfasts
  • Hidden waterfalls and spots known only to backpackers
  • Activities and games
  • Connect with local people

Not included:

  • Adventure sports like snorkelling or diving
  • Food (there is plenty of options. so everyone can explore different Balinese dishes)
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa
  • Flight tickets to/from Indonesia
  • Travel insurance

Cancellation policy:

Indian trips and tours:
  • Upto 2 months before the event, full refund
  • Between 2 months and upto 15 days before event, 50% refund
  • Less than 15 days, no refund
International trips and tours:
  • Upto 2 months before the event, 75% refund
  • Between 2 months and upto 1 month before the event, 50% refund
  • Less than 1 month, no refund
If any events are cancelled by Backpack With Prat due to unavoidable or natural disasters, refund policy will be decided thereon.


This is the best weather in Indonesia. You don't have much rain and it is excellent to explore the beaches. Indonesia does get sunny during the day though. The average temperature would be around 25-30 degrees.

What to carry:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Shoes and slippers
  • Any beachwear
  • Hat/ cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Small day backpack
  • Universal power adaptor
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Personal medicines and items
  • Currency (this can be exchanged in Bali too)