Backpack Spiti and Pin valley

Real backpacking, real experience

Backpack Spiti and Pin valley

₹ 14200 per person

If you want to experience what backpacking really is – in complete with all its unpredictability, this is it! Everyone knows the usual places like Manali and Shimla that you can find off Google. But this time, we do real crazy backpacking; like I do – planning our route as we go! We go off the grid – exploring unknown villages of the Spiti and Pin valleys of Himachal Pradesh, staying in remote places, slowing down our life, staring at starry skies and being lost. There is a madness and rush in taking off without plans!! This is not a wannabe backpacking or a pseudo ‘backpacker’ trip!

We meet at Shimla and then take off to the laid back villages that no route covers. This is an absolutely offbeat trail and way of travel. One heads-up, we shall directly head to Spiti valley – you can otherwise end up spending days on end exploring each village en route Spiti valley. Our off-the-beaten track exploration of the naked mountains of Spiti valley, where the wind feels different, the wierd houses, the myths, the Buddhist people at their joyous best, and just the whole ambiance of the valley, will leave you spell-bound! The villages are each unique and are at quite some distance from one another – so there will be long road journeys. But watching the scenery change as we hop across villages everyday makes the ride a memorable journey in itself. Sending off a postcard from the highest post office in Hikkim before heading off to the highest Kaumik village in Aisa, and chilling with the monks in Ki monastery, would be stories to share for a lifetime. The mountains towering over each village makes them look like they’ve each been isolated from the world. Hidden lakes and gushing broad rivers cut through the mountains creating extremely wide valleys. Living in monasteries and chatting up with the monks and locals, is refreshing. These people are extremely cool, and yet are deeply spiritual people.  One thing to definitely not miss is the unbounded sky strewn with stars and the clear milky way visible at nights, the sparkling beauty of nature, the warmth of the people, delicious local food, and just about everything!

Pin valley is quite the contrast. The world turns green and colourful filled like a painting sprung to life. Popular for snow leopard spotting, Ibex, rare birds and nestled away from the humdrum of the tourists, Pin valley is only known to trekkers and serious backpackers. The valley is filled with colourful flowers with the vast Pin river separating it from the Spiti villages.

For those who really want to experience backpacking, we take with us a local guide and head off the next village that we feel would take us closer to the local cultures. Staying with locals as we go, and eating food that is truly unique to their culture, and experiencing the joys of the surprises that the road brings forth is the idea of what backpacking is. You may cross villages that you have heard of or read about – but they are all a part of the big trip!

Do you have or want to experience the free spirit of being curious and being overwhelmed by the mere beauty of the real villages? This trip is 5 days of unhinged backpacking. This may not be a life, but this will give you stories for life. This is the awesomest escape this summer peeps! If you love adventure, be there!

  • Departure
  • Included
    Backpack Spiti and Pin valley
  • Changing scenery from naked mountains to lush green landscapes - you would be in constant awe of how nature changes just across the river
  • Te highest post office in Hikkim and the highest Kaumik village in all of Asia
  • The clear skies and unpolluted air creates a surreal effect with a bed of stars and the perfect view if the milky way stretching right across - imagine sleeping right under it!
  • Food would be cooked by locals and that too what is specifically eaten in that region
  • Stay in monasteries, with locals and in offbeat guest houses – this would gives the chance to understand the lives of the locals – the weather being cool to cold, people of every household tend to sit around the kitchen for the warmth talking for hours on end about life and local news – it’s truly heart-warming to be a part of it
  • There wouldn’t be a lot of ATMs, rather hardly any – so you would need to carry cash that you may need
  • We would be using local shared transport and public transport and we may walk on foot short distances just like the locals – this is what Spiti and Pin valley in reality is!
  • Chatting up with monks about their lives and matters of life - you could get your own cool version of spirituality!


Start place and end place: Shimla

How to reach Shimla: Shimla is easily accessible by road, air and rail. The closest airport is either Delhi or Chandigarh. You can reach Shimla by bus from Delhi or Chandigarh. There are plenty of State buses you can book online too. It takes around 8 hours from Delhi (you can travel overnight ideally) and around 5 hours from Chandigarh. Kalka is nearest railway station. From there, Shimla is around 3 hours by road. You can take a shared taxi or the bus to Shimla from Kalka.


This is the best time to hit the mountains. With the rest of the country bathed in sweltering heat, the mountains of Himachal and their villages would have excellent weather with a slight nip in the air with everything slowly turning green. There would be not be any rains. But there might be slight warm weather during the day. Temperatures would be around 18 to 20 degrees.

What to carry:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Jacket or pullover (it may get cold at night)
  • Hat/ cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes
  • Sunscreen and cold cream (yes, it is weird indeed!)
  • Personal items and medicines
We will email a much more detailed list closer to the date. Kindly pack a rucksack. This is very important. We all carry our own bags and packing light is a must! Backpacking is about being smart about packing only what you need.


  • Transport from Shimla till Shimla (the trip)
  • Accommodation in offbeat places
  • Local connect
  • Monasteries and museums
  • Activities and experiences
  • Permits

Not included:

  • Transport from Shimla and heading back
  • Food (so that you can experiment with the local food and different cuisines - it could be a story worth sharing!)
  • Personal expenses

Cancellation policy:

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  • Upto 2 months before the event, full refund
  • Between 2 months and upto 15 days before event, 50% refund
  • Less than 15 days, no refund
International trips and tours:
  • Upto 2 months before the event, 75% refund
  • Between 2 months and upto 1 month before the event, 50% refund
  • Less than 1 month, no refund
If any events are cancelled by Backpack With Prat due to unavoidable or natural disasters, refund policy will be decided thereon.