The Humanitarian

My journey for all these years has given me the opportunity to connect with tons of inspiring individuals and initiatives. Places have never been the motivation to travel to the next destination – it has always been the next experience or idea that I can be a part of. When I took off years ago, it was only curiosity and the learner spirit initially, the humanitarianism grew through the journey.

There is immense joy and gratification when you are making a difference in someone else’s life or in nature. Living among and constantly being connect with such changemakers, inspired me greatly. I have had the opportunity to be connected with initiatives in sustainability, education, community, farming, women empowerment, health, animals, arts and craft, upliftment, environment, and so many more. And these are in all parts of the world, present in different forms – be it individuals, a couple, a small initiative in a village, a group of women, or an NGO or an institution or a movement. But they all are bursting with the energy and purpose of making the world a better place. The list of social initiatives, projects and ideas is unending.

There are a lot of people in the world working selflessly on social change at their own level. These people may be right around the corner. Not everyone needs to start their own, we can always join someone else’s dream that we connect with and contribute in any way we can.

It is a beautiful and humbling journey to just be a part of the change.