The Experimentalist

I started my journey in 2014 with the idea of learning, learning and learning. Through the journey, I realised the joy of bringing the world closer by sharing each other’s stories – people may get inspired, connected or just feel good! Over the years, my years of being on the road gave me a sense of purpose – to share my learnings, and to spread the positive and inspiring work that people around the world are involved in. It also fired in me the spirit to myself contribute to the change in the world. Learning was not enough – it was time to do.

Sustainability, youth and community – these have always been my driving force, my motivation and inspiration.

With this perspective in 2015, as a humble start, I initiated some interactions and projects  – be organising festivals where the youth could come together to meet unsung heroes, learn about cultures around the world and break stereotypes, or partner with NGOs, institutions and communities to talk to the youth about leading change.

I have participated and involved in social initiatives around the world and contributed towards their ‘social change’ in whatever way I can; and I will continue to do so. But now, some humble steps have begun at my own level – and ideas are always welcome!