‘Backpack With Prat’ is an initiative started in 2014 with the idea of bringing the world closer through travel, sharing each other’s stories, and involving in as many social initiatives and projects along the way. The sense of curiosity once kindled leads to discovery of not just new ideas, but also of other people, cultures and about one’s own potentialities, which has immense possibility of expanding one’s world-view. The dream is to motivate the youth to open their mind, embrace all kinds of learning opportunities that come their way, connect with people from different cultures across the world, participate in their own communities, thus leading possibilities for cross-cultural learning, societal expansion and global involvement.

The hope through sharing the various projects that I have been involved in is to encourage everyone to step step out and participate in creating change in their own communities. I have worked with local schools, educational institutions, NGOs and various projects around the world – each with its unique flavour to inspire and motivate change . The quest of interacting with individuals from all walks of life, and from across the world, hasn’t ceased for me. I have learned that along with travelling around, participating in the society, and doing one’s own bit is what makes life complete. This process allows each one to blossom and nurture their own abilities freely and with joy.

At Khula Dharma, South Africa