Place Of Possibilities (POP)

The ‘Place of Possibilities’,  ‘POP’, is a space and a place, where people from all over the world come together and celebrate life, learn, and share freely – it is an open exchange of knowledge, skills, ideas, and love!

POP is a space (place) that I intend to set up to experiment with what the “right” lifestyle may look like in our current state of the world. After travelling the world for 10 years in search of “how much is enough?”, I have entered that phase of my life where I feel to create a space where all the amazing learnings/ideas which I have learned from different communities, people, projects throughout my journey needed to be practiced. POP is a project to co-create and experiment the various activities that can impact this planet.

Alone it is hard to live a harm-free lifestyle (growing your own food, zero waste, off the grid… But together we can. Each and every one of us know more than we think – we have so much to share, learn and discover in collaboration. See it as an academy on how to form a healthier relationship with this beautiful home of ours – our planet – and the people we are with. Weather you feel you need to receive learnings, or you have an urge to share something incredible you got to learn – this space is for all of us who want to reconnect with the basics and truly live the lifestyle we can support and dream of.


The possibilities in POP

POP will be a space where all the experiments will be done on our lifestyle. It will be a community space where people with same mindset, dream and passion of making this world a better place to live, will be welcome. It will be a place where your skills will be applauded and how to live in a community will be experimented and practiced.  It will be an experimental community focus on human development.


The POP people

POP community will be for everyone who  wants to a sustainable and offbeat life. It is for all those who want to share their knowledge on sustainability and holistic life. POP hopes to bring the energy and passion of like-minded people in co-creating this beautiful space where we experiment with different activities of a holistic and sustainable lifestyle – this is a move from towards cohesive living.


The present plan

The plan is to first live with different communities, learn, and do my research on how different communities are – what is their intent and purpose, how did they start, what are their values and principles, and what are the struggles they face? I also want to understand how sustainable it is possible to live as a community.

I just completed staying in Auroville for 5 months (I discovered for the first time in years that I can live for long in one place).  I had the opportunity to talk to people on their communities within Auroville, to engage and participate in their sustainable activities and decision making. This being a school in itself consisting of many communities, I could connect and learn from many sustainable communities.


The way forward

For next few months, I hope to stay and learn from 2-3 more intentional or non-intentional communities, in different sizes and settings, and with different intents.  I will be also be experimenting with few of my ideas which I hope to action-out in POP. After this, the dream is to take a place somewhere and start POP with joy, enthusiasm, and all your support.



If you know of, or can connect me with, any offbeat and sustainable initiatives or communities, OR, if you are yourself looking to be involved in POP, do get in touch!