Other Inspiring Projects

Sadhna Forest, Auroville, India:

The main aim of this ecological project is to support the local rural villages. By retaining water and filling the aquifer, Sadhana Forest India allows the villagers to cultivate their food and prevents exodus towards nearby city slums. Additionally, Sadhna forest is also the medium for environmental education for children and young people in the process of ecological revival and sustainable living. Their dream is to create, with their participation, the opportunity for them to experience the original forest of their forebears. For most, it is their first ‘hands-on’ experience in sustainable living, an exciting and transformative experience for them.


Space for Nurturing Creativity, Uttarakhand, India:

SNC Shyamavan is a school nestled in the small village Khumera in lush green state of Uttarakhand, where children, of any age, are given the freedom to learn anything they want – in any way they want – whenever they want. The children learn instruments, dance, farming and anything their heart and passion wishes, alongside academic curriculum which is taught only if the child wants to learn it. Freedom in education can be seen in reality in SNC.


Manav Sadhna, Ahmedabad, India:

The humble NGO based out of the Gandhi Ashram and based on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi is actively involved towards upliftment of the underprivileged. Be it education, health and hygiene, sports, creative art, women empowerment etc. Manav Sadhna has been the beacon of change through its numerous initiatives such as Gramshree, Seva café etc. Reaching out to more than 8000 children and women direcly, Manav Sadhna has been the reason for many to define their purpose in life and turn towards impacting a change in the society.


Kanthari, Trivandrum, India:

An initiative, Kanthari, provides a platform for all the visionaries who wish to contribute and make a change in the society. Since 2009, over 60 social initiatives (NGO’S) have been set up by ‘Kantharis’ (people who may not have the means, but want to impact change in their community) all the world over. Through intensive training, Paul and Sabriye’s Kanthari team equips participants with all the techniques, methods and ideas they need to start up and run their dream social project or NGO. Kanthari has supported and inspired many who are passionate, have the willingness and an idea for change, and who want to start an initiative by themselves!


VSET, Wayanad, India:

Grounded on the belief that goodness is inherent and needs a bit of kindling and an opportunity to exhibit values and morals. VSET uses the facilitation as the means to kindle values from within children. Discussions using various tools such as activities, games, stories, ppts, songs, videos etc. are used to kindle that goodness from within the children. Children are given the opportunity to interact freely without any judgements. Without the expectation of any results, VSET creates the ambience for the children.


Ecosphere, Spiti, India:

Working towards eco-tourism, handicrafts and organic farming, Ecosphere tries to bring Nature back into our lives. Located in the scenic remote corner of the country, Ecosphere works in tandem with Nature in Spiti valley touching the lives of local communities and impacting the perspectives of people all around. It aims to share the knowledge of healing and health, and traveling in Nature, with Nature. This small initiative in the remote valley of Spiti has been trying to do its bit in making an impact in this world.