​”Life really is very short and very fragile and you should make every single day as meaningful as possible and not put off your dreams until some nonexistent time in the future. One thing is for sure, I am not going to reach the end of my life and look back and say ‘I wish I’d travelled more’. When my life finally flashes in front of me, it’s sure as hell going to be worth watching!”

Trekking is a beautiful way of travelling. It’s real – it is an unscripted experience filled with surprises. Take a chance and view the world without a filter.  The views and undiscovered spots you get to see on a trail are ones that no world class tour can guarantee you.


Hampta Pass trek:

A hike to the snow glacier, passing through tiny villages and dark forests, the Hampta Pass trek is for serious hikers. The trek for a week leads to the border of the Spiti valley where it opens into vast open mountains and a serene yet strong river flows into the unending valley beyond. The trek leas into Chadrataal lake in Spiti valley which if not blocked by snow is a memorable site to camp under a bed of stars and a warm bonfire where we share stories of life. A moderate hike, the Hampta Pass trek requires some level of preparedness and diehard love for nature.


Hampta Circle Trek:

This is one of my favourite trekking routes in Himachal! The offbeat short hike with vast meadows, gushing rivers, and a majestic mountain that you just scaled, is pure pristine natural beauty! The highlight of this trek is living with locals in their villages before the trek, followed by an easy hike through lush green forests, and finally a celebration of our wanderlust on the last day! This is a loop hike that is ideal for a getaway without being too strenuous.


Kheerganga Trek:

Nestled in Parvati and Tirthan valley, the Kheerganga trek is quite popular as a quick getaway for travellers who seek some adventure and silent time. Bound in its mythology, the Kheerganga trek leads to a lake at the top. It is possible to do the trek with an overnight stay at the lake, but to make the most of the hike, we take deviations and explore the villages en-route and connect with the locals on typical Himachali ways of living.


Dev Tibba Trek:

The Himalayan range that stretches across in all its glory packs in everything that a backpacker would want – easy access, dark pine forests, open meadows, glacial valleys, towering mountains and an arduous journey that leaves the heart begging for more! We trek through the tiny villages of Chika, Seri, and Tenta, crossing untouched waterfalls to finally reach the open sky in Chandertal. The Dev tibba trek is ideal for beginners to moderate hikers.


Brighu Pass Trek:

One of the best treks in Himachal, this easy to moderate hike leads up to the frozen Brighu lake and over the the unending Himalayan range ahead. Camping near the lake is an experience as you can see the changing hues overnight and watching the first rays of sun against the icy snow lake and peak. Though this trek does require some level of preparation, the local people who hike up with us as guides make it all seem easier and a pleasure.