Volunteer at the Fourth Language Festival

This is a 5-day festival wherein youth from different parts of the country gather together for adventure, learning and loads of inspiration. Set in an absolutely scenic location, the idea is to create a space where people from around the world get the opportunity to interact with youth from across the country. Through informal workshops, discussions, hikes, and open sessions around a bonfire, the participants interact with our volunteers on their culture, the work they do, their lives and their passion. The participants get the opportunity to open their minds and learn about the world, while the volunteers learn directly about Indian culture and about the Indian youth!

The volunteers and some unsung heroes, would conduct workshops on their skills, cultures, their lives and their journey. The festival will include personal interactions, discussion on initiatives around the world. Complete with loads of fun and adventure, there will be games, hikes and such activities, and jam sessions to keep up that energy.

Schedule each day of festival:

  • Workshops by volunteers
  • Hikes
  • Games
  • Activities incorporated in the workshops and on team building
  • Stories and conversation
  • Jam sessions, bonfires, and fun

Profile of our volunteers:

They may be travelers, unsung heroes, social entrepreneurs, people leading off-beat alternative lifestyle, and some committed in unique initiatives.

The Fourth Language Festival is an open ambiance of sharing. Being an initiative, we strive to make you a part of our vision. And therefore, we invite all you volunteers to participate and volunteer with complete zest. These are the arrangements provided by us completely

  • Accommodation in tents along with sleeping bags and mats
  • Delicious food cooked by locals during your stay
  • Experience the diversity of the Indian culture through interactions with youth from different parts of India
  • Learn about the secrets and quirks of the people and cultures

Our volunteers ought to be bursting with enthusiasm, creativity, and loads of positive. We would have jam sessions and bonfires; so any instruments or singing or dancing skills are always welcome. You can share any innovative ideas or suggestions. This festival does have a social-intent. We ensure super fun and enjoyment, but one must be curious to learn, and be a positive influence on our participants.

  • Be committed as a part of the organising team for 7 full days
  • Conduct informal workshops (1 or 2) on their culture, and on what they do/vocation/field
  • Take initiative in organising any activities or games or ice-breakers for all
  • Ensure you have productive and personal interaction with the participants, mentoring is encouraged

Accommodation and food:

Shared tents for the volunteers
Tents, sleeping bags and mattress will be provided
Shared bathroom
Food cooked by locals

There will be various volunteer activities organised during the festival.

Volunteers can get a lot of info and recommendation on unexplored and less touristy places to visit around and things to do from our team!



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