Fourth Language Festival

A celebration of life

As individuals, the first language we learn is our mother tongue. The second is our voice when we speak with the society and the world. The third is the language that the world communicates with us in. The fourth language – our own unique language in which we connect with and understand our selves… This is a celebration of this fourth language…..


About the Fourth Language Festival

ssThis is a 5-day festival with youth from different parts of the country. Set in an absolutely scenic location, the youth get the unbeatable opportunity to stay and interact with our volunteers from across the world, diverse cultures, unique personal stories, and involved in extremely niche and unexplored fields. They may be unsung heroes, social entrepreneurs, leading off-beat alternative lifestyle, and some committed in unique initiatives. The volunteers would conduct workshops on their culture, the work they do, their stories and the possibilities around the world.

The festival will include personal interactions, workshops, hikes and adventure, and unsung heroes who have inspired change in the society.

It’s not all work and no play. Everyone will be camping on the outskirts of a village on a green pasture. There will be hikes, loads of games, jam sessions, bonfires to keep up that energy. In such an ambiance, discussions through the night with soothing music playing, conversations are really easy and free…. Sleeping under a bed of stars and the cool air of the Himalayas will keep you fresh and full of energy. With a huge crowd of young people (17-26 years) and loads of activities to keep everyone’s spirits high, is sure to get the adrenaline rushing!!


The impact of the festival

With a fixed schedule everyday with workshops and activities, the outcomes of the Fourth Language Festival are:

  • a positive attitude in the youth,
  • connect with youth from across the country and enhance our commonality,
  • becoming aware of the numerous possibilities to learn and participate in around the world,
  • being inspired to initiate social change in their local communities,
  • connecting with prospective mentors​

Get in touch for any queries or for info on the next Fourth Language Festival