Backpack with Prat / Fourth Language Festival 2018

Our very first chapter in India was held in June 2018.

Nestled in the Himalayan foothills of Jagatsukh village near Manali, a huge gathering of over 70 youth from all over the country connected deeply through conversations, stories, activities, laughter, and learning, in pristine nature. The volunteers who were from Germany, Brazil, UK, Sweden, Israel and India contributed immensely by becoming one with the participants, sharing their culture and their stories, and also learning from the Indian youth. The unsung heroes whose stories were highlighted, shared what makes their passion, the purpose of our life, and how one handles much more difficult challenges of life.

FLF 2018 was the finale story and starts streaming at 17th minute

Our volunteers were from extremely diverse cultures, different walks of life, and passionate about such unique things in life! From India were our local unsung heroes. One was a joyous ‘Clownsellor’ hero practicing medical clowning and just spreading laughter everywhere was a standing example of how one can make a happy impact in the society without giving up on one’s profession. The second person was a young dynamic boy of just 17, son of a sex-worker from the red light district of Delhi, making a change in this community through dance. The other volunteers were ex-army from Israel taking over by wanderlust, a builder from UK who likes to make people aware on the right way of using nature for our creature comforts… a vegan chef and wellness expert from Brazil who has been sharing the benefits of a healthy diet and well-being travelling the world… a Swedish photographer who seeks the offbeat local cultures around the world, capture it in his lens, and share with the world…the Belgian youngster who has been travelling to share his knowledge of sustainable water management in India and other parts of the world… and a chef from India trying to reignite the forgotten royal and local foods of India. We had a full-house and crazy experience no doubt!
The participants not only enjoyed thoroughly, they opened their hearts and minds, and prepared to take on life with new vigour. They had come from all corners of India – Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Indore, Delhi, Raipur and Kolkata. Youth from all walks of life with dreams aplenty and energy unbounded; the first Indian chapter was a raging success.
The festival was telecast on WION Channel (which has presence in over 32 countries) featured as offbeat experiences around the country.