Dandi Yatra

The Dandi Yatra – a journey for freedom… for love… for togetherness… The Dandi Yatra was an idea initiated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930 during the freedom struggle. He walked from Sabarmati ashram (in Ahmedabad) to Dandi (coast) in Gujarat; and raised a handful of salt as a symbol of freedom.

In today’s world, we may not have to struggle for the basic freedom that our ancestors had to fight for. But we are still slaves to our greed, vices, our own minds and our own selves. And so, a group of inspiring individuals associated with the Gandhi ashram in Ahmedabad decided that they shall march for freedom from conflict… and freedom for the world from conflict and suffering…

I had the opportunity to join them. And so, we walked for peace… 


As we walked for joy in the world, we build a deeper connect with ourselves. This was a walk within… We shared stories, laughed together, stayed in the same places that Gandhiji stayed, ate whatever food was given to us on the way, and just be true pilgrims. We did face troubles – went without food, no proper places to sleep, heat, blisters, crossing rivers… But we kept walking… and we did it together! With no money! And no phones! We did the Dandi yatra as it should be – with on foot, and with the absolute bare minimum!

I couldn’t join for the entire stretch from Sabarmati ashram to Dandi, but the few days that I was a part of this dream was life changing. A big kudos to the people who continued further on this path… Jai jagat to you’ll!

We all walk further on our journeys. But the intent stays. We all walk on our paths for peace in the world. The yatra has humbled me and instilled the belief that love still permeates the world!