Connect The Dots

‘Connect The Dots’ envisions inspiring the youth to explore the multitude of opportunities that the world has to offer, connect with cultures for cross-learning, and lead change in their communities. Inspired by the belief that it is the interconnectedness between people and communities that motivates change, the initiative hopes to rekindle in people the spirit of commonness that binds us all together.


Connect The Dots began its journey in 2015. Its dream is to create change agents in each one, fired with the energy to spread love and compassion in this world is every possible way.



• Explore new opportunities – out-of-box thinking
• Shift focus from negative to positive thinking for impacting change
• Learn from cultures and possibilities around the world
• Inspire and create change agents



The idea is to bridge need with knowledge. We take skills, ideas or initiatives, to various NGOs and communities that have a need for them. Professionals from different fields share their expertise that may be useful or inspiring for youth in these areas, through workshops and interactions.  


1. Workshop in Institutions –

1-day interaction and open discussions with adolescents and youth from an institution on their dreams and realities, and what alternatives the world provides. Inspire them to start an initiative in their institution.

2. Interaction in Communities –

3-5 day workshops and skill exchange with people (primarily youth) in a village. Professionals from selected fields stay in the rural setting and conduct workshops or interact with the youth enabling them to implement the skill or inspire them with ideas for a social change. The idea is to inspire changemankers.

3. One off events

Campaigns and one-off events viz. food stalls, culture festivals, book truck, gift-economy shops, specific activities in public spaces etc. for wider participation


But alongside exploring the world for possibilities, and breaking any barriers of stereotypes, opportunities, or self-doubt, the emphasis is also to do a tiny bit and enable another achieve their dreams – just to make the world happy and therefore make us happy. For this, through CTD, we hope to create a mentor and volunteer in and for each person to guide, support and help another achieve their dream.



Workshops with ~ 5000 adolescents and youth: Across 4 States of India (north-east States, Karnataka, Delhi, Mumbai etc.) – In partnership with Govt. agencies and NGOs.

Workshops with ~ 10,000 adolescents and youth: Across approx. 7 countries in Europe (Poland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic etc.) – In partnership with European Commission