Travel is much more than seeing a place or checking them off a list. Travel is an experience. And that is what Backpack With Prat experiences are all about. Be it the trips or the festivals or the offbeat events, each have a unique flavour and experience that is packed in.

Each experience is curated by me, Pratul. I throw in all the possible experiences that I have collected over the years of being on the road and all the inspiring people I have met along the way.

Each event has a different experience packed in. You’ll interact, connect and become one with local communities, get inspired to by social initiatives and ideas, have crazy load of fun, volunteer, hike up to peaks on unexplored routes, and meet people from all over the world.

The Backpack Wit Prat experiences are journeys of a lifetime. These are a space for those who want to let go, who are willing and open, and explore the world and their lives differently.


El camino de Santiago, Spain:

The walk across Spain from different corners that all end at the Compostella in Santiago is not a trip, it is a journey. You walk all day and every day, through villages and towns, being greeted with ‘Buen Camino’ and the generosity of the people, and stay in Albergues for pilgrims. You meet other ‘caminos’ along the way – some you walk with, some who just pass by. This is a journey to find yourself.


Spiti, Lahaul, Kinnaur valley, India:

Be it a bike trip or exploring the far-flung villages in rickety buses, Spiti, Lahaul and Kinnar are places that I have myself explore innumerable times and have also taken my groups to experience. The expansive naked mountains, untouched culture, monasteries, silence, local food, crunchy world-famous apples, and adventurous spirit have been the highlights of each trip to Spiti valley. We stay in old monasteries and temples, sleep under the stars, eat with the locals and have a blast with the young Tibetan monk children!


Tirthan and Parvati valley, India:

The lush green valley with the Parvati river gushing through it, is always bustling with travellers from around the world. For those who love adventure sports and amazing treks, these valleys are winding roads dotted with dhabas along the side are a treat for the eyes and the tummy.


Leh Ladakh, India:

Traditional monastic culture, picturesque views of the Himalayan range with glistening white snow peaks and glaciers, highest motorable roads defying gravity, and a world cut-off from hustle bustle. The highlights of the experience are the unending ride through perennial snow mountains and meeting the army and listening to their stories in contrast to the stories of monks living here in isolation. This surely is the beginning of a new love affair with backpacking!


Sri Lanka:

The quaint teardrop island is slowly gaining popularity among travellers. With an enviable coastline, Sri Lanka has the mountains and an incredible culture and history that will make you want to stay. From the vast tea estates, to gushing waterfalls, elephant sanctuaries and beaches with an eclectic group pf real travellers, this country is ideal for a two week getaway.



Riding in the colourful tuktuks and way too much hustle, Indonesia is considered a backpacker’s paradise, bubbling with culture and the enthusiasm to welcome the people of the world. It is one of the easiest places to get chatting with the locals and hop in and out of public transport. We explore the Java, Bali and Gili islands and experience the changes in the differences in the beaches, mountains, culture, the temples and the food – and all of it, as a local!


Hampi, Gokarna and Goa, India:

UNESCO heritage sandstone temples, busting culture, serene beaches, and an unending party! Adventure sports and plenty of breath-taking views make emotions surge high which burst at its seams when you party all night on the beaches of the perfect holiday destination, Goa. We meet travellers from all over the world on this popular backpacking route, travel one of the most scenic routes in the Indian coastline, and also soak in the local Goan and South Indian culture!


Villages of Chattisgarh, India:

The smell of wet earth, green all around, and children dancing in the rains with peacocks, is what the monsoons in the heart of India has to offer! The best time of the year with awesome weather and joyous people, the landscape is post-card like! We stay with the local villagers in their homes and connect with their lives, cooking with them and understanding what rural life is.


Hornbill festival (Nagaland) and Meghalaya, India:

The north east of Indian is still raw, pristine, and untouched. Experiencing the hidden waterfalls and lakes, some adventure sports in Meghalaya and the world-famous Hornbill festival complete with traditional dances and art forms, this trip is all about north-eastern wilderness, food, dance, music and football!


Andaman Island hopping: 

This is a place with picture-postcard scenery for your eyes to feast on and dive deep into. The peace and silence in the tiny islands dotting the scenery in Andaman would be so loud that you can hear your heart and your breath aloud – an experience to merge with nature and culture. We met local tribes and experience the joys of adventure activities like snorkelling, deep sea diving and exploring golden sand beaches dotted with the turtles.


Myanmar backpacking:

Myanmar is an extraordinary and complex land where nature and culture never ceases to surprise you. This country is slowly gaining popularity among backpackers for its history, culture, food, secretive spots, and raw untouched natural beauty. With great difficulty in crossing the border overland from India, but an exerience for life nevertheless, we explored Mandalay, the historical temples of Bagan, Yangon, spectacular Inle lake, stayed in places without electricity and connection, and ate so much local food till we burst!



Another hotspot for backpackers, Thailand is all about its scenic beaches and crazy parties – tasting local food, using local travel, staying in local hostels, mixing with the local culture and dancing to the local tunes! From Bangkok to Chiangmai and the Phi Phi islands, this trip is all about knowing how backpackers travel and their experiences. This laid-back Thai experience is all about the food, nature and culture.



Also, other countries in Europe such as Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway