About me

Like many, I had a ‘stable’ life. I was a Fashion Designer. The fancy parties, fashion shows, and all the vices… I always believed that there is more to life than just making money, having high social status, and high paying career. There was a part of me that wanted the adrenaline rush, adventure and curiosity. And then, all of a sudden, on Feb 10, 2011, I wrapped up everything I owned. I packed my belongings down to a rucksack, and left that life…. Yep, just like that!

Lot of people have an epiphany, or a loud voice that pushes them to just do something different, explore more, be more creative, learn more, laugh more, live more. But what’s missing is – taking the leap…

A month later, I sat huddled inside a musty tent, surrounded by mosquitoes!

The journey that began then is far from over… It has given me the chance to meet inspiring people, live in ashrams, lose myself in festivals around the world, volunteer with NGOs and various communities, learn film making and adventure courses, hike numerous peaks, learn to make bamboo houses, make instruments…. It just goes on…. All experiences I have had, with innumerable people and in uncountable places, make me who I am each day! Living such a life is humbling; it is truly not a struggle. Be it working in Cambodia as a mahout, watch the northern lights in Norway, teaching children in the villages of Philippines, deep sea diving in Australia, walking the Camino De Santiago across Spain, tugging at Santa Claus’ beard (he and his beard are real people!)in Finland, or summiting Annapurna II.

The world has taught me that love and help is always present. Everywhere! And celebrating such a life of connect and goodness is what gives me immense joy!  Sharing stories and experiences from around the world through the ‘Backpack With Prat Workshops’ and the ‘The Fourth Language Festival’ has given more meaning to my dream of connecting people around the world. Through the innumerable events conducted across different countries, I hope to inspire youth to be the change in the society at one’s own individual level. It would make the world a better place. I can vouch for that from my own experiences!



Keeping the curiosity alive and being open to newer experiences and learning opportunities



Go to all kinds of places - I love heading to places that have some offbeat experiences; however absurd they may be!



It isn't enough to see a place like a check-list. Soaking in the local culture and connecting with the people makes it a more than just a trip



I love new experiences. And I never give up on madness and fun. I lose myself in alleyways and absolute local spots - just for the love of it!