Hi! I am Pratul. I quit my Fashion Designer garb one fine day, overcome by the dire curiosity to experience the world, I took off. I have been travelling since 2011, connecting with local people around the world, learning something new each day, and making the world my home. It has taught me that each day is a celebration of life, and I gotta dance my way through each moment!

If you are in love with travel and learning from the world, connect with me – we sure have loads to catch up on!

And if you haven’t had ‘your moment’ yet, or found inspiration, ask as many questions as you can!

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Dont settle for typical touristy tours. Make travel an experience.

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"For this remarkable journey you have our endless gratitude!"


"I have learned so much about and the world outside in this trip. Life will never be the same now. It’s a new beginning for me. Thanks for being who you are. May you always be the light for others to follow!"


"No words to describe the experience I had at this trip. I never imagined I would have such a memorable journey inside as well as outside. Thank you for this amazing experience."


"Taking a trip with you was not only about discovering beautiful places and people but something beyond that. Your experiences and the stories you narrated have been an inspiration. Taking beautiful memories and learning home! All the best to you…"


"Wishing you achieve the true meaning of life throughout this beautiful journey of life… travelling with you was a lifetime experience for all of us… wishing you a life full of travels and beautiful experiences… All the best for all your future endeavours!"


"We rarely get a chance to meet so many people from different parts of the country. Every one having a unique life and their experience through it and when we shared those experiences, it made me feel like we all have grown as an individual in our own ways. Thanks to you who gave me this chance to grow..."


"I don’t remember when was the last time I had this much fun. I want to go backpacking again and this trip has given me the confidence to do all the planning myself. I can’t think of a better initiation into the backpacker’s world than this trip; and I take back from it not only photographs and memories, but an attitude that promises to keep life fresh and fun."

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