Pratul is an adventurer who is passionate about contributing and being involved in offbeat social initiatives focused on positive change in the world.

He considers life as an adventure, and jumps headlong into ideas that can make a difference in the world. He is a dreamer and a doer! Pratul quit his upscale Fashion Designer life years ago, overcome by the dire curiosity to learn from the world. Since then, he has been involved with individuals and communities leading positive change across the globe – be it grass-root level projects, schools, villages, social ideas, initiatives, and organisations. He believes that one doesn’t have to be Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela to make a difference in the world – each one of us just has to do our bit. Be crazy and passionate – but with purpose! (Read more…)

Backpack With Prat Ideology

"You are absolutely awesome 😉 I'm certain that the atmosphere you create and the stories you share have done miracle with my batch, Thank you so much for living our dreams."


"I learned to be myself and believe in my dreams and We can change the world!!! You taught me that everything is possible if I believe in that."


"Thank you for showing me that there is still goodness in the world and inspiring me to change myself and the world for the better."


"I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to be a part of this festival and meet so many people from other cultures and backgrounds. This festival has opened a new window to look through at life and nature and how important it is to leave our comfort zones and face the challenges that come our way"


"Taking a trip with you was not only about discovering beautiful places and people but something beyond that. Your experiences and the stories you narrated have been an inspiration. Taking beautiful memories and learning home! All the best to you…"


"Every small thing that we do, makes a big difference in our lives. Thank you Prat for inspiring me, for letting me understand myself and for infusing positive energy in me."


"I don’t remember when was the last time I had this much fun. I want to go backpacking again and this trip has given me the confidence to do all the planning myself. I can’t think of a better initiation into the backpacker’s world than this trip; and I take back from it not only photographs and memories, but an attitude that promises to keep life fresh and fun."

Arusha ,

"For this remarkable journey you have our endless gratitude!"


"I have learned so much about and the world outside. Life will never be the same now. It’s a new beginning for me. Thanks for being who you are. May you always be the light for others to follow!"


"No words to describe the experience I had... I never imagined I would have such a memorable journey inside as well as outside. Thank you for this amazing experience."


"Wishing you achieve the true meaning of life throughout this beautiful journey of life… travelling with you was a lifetime experience for all of us… wishing you a life full of travels and beautiful experiences… All the best for all your future endeavours!"


"We rarely get a chance to meet so many people from different parts of the country. Every one having a unique life and their experience through it and when we shared those experiences, it made me feel like we all have grown as an individual in our own ways. Thanks to you who gave me this chance to grow..."


"Thank you for everything, You taught me a lot and let me believe that we can make world a better place. You're an amazing person, one of the best that I've ever met"



Pratul dream project, Place of Possibilities, ‘POP’, is a space where people from all over the world will live together, and share their learning on sustainability and holistic living. It will be c-o-living, co-creating and collaborative place to experiment on various skills and knowledge.

We all dream of a world where we all live together in a cohesive community, share our knowledge and experiences, and contribute towards making this world a better place. POP hopes to be that place.

It will be a dynamic community of like-minded youth – we will conduct workshops and experiments on how we can live a more wholesome and sustainable life… a natural life… and all those who hope to lead and learn about such a life, are welcome to be a part of POP.  (Read more)


The world has innumerable opportunities to participate in and contribute towards making this world a batter place... These are some initiatives and ideas that I have been involved in and are doing some remarkable work!

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Here are my stories, tips and tricks and all the crazy experiences from my journeys around the world